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Are you worthy?

You didn't think it would be as simple as sending a CV did you?


We've decided to do things a bit differently to normal! You'll have to solve a few puzzles which will generate a pass-phrase.


Simply enter the pass-phrase into the subject of your email to us. Attach your cv and provide the following details in the body of your email:

  • A bit about you. Tell us your likes/dislikes, favourite puzzle / board game / computer game, etc...

  • What will make you a really great games master?

  • Tell us what makes you great at working under pressure? (This doesn't have to be a work example, it could be from any experience or time in your life!)

  • What's your attention to detail like? Provide an example! (This does not have to be a work example, it could be from any experience or time in your life!)

  • Current job and required notice period.

  • Please attach your CV

  • Your Monday – Sunday availability (main hours required are weekday evenings and weekends)

Please note that we will not look at any emails which do not have the pass-phrase in the subject line 

Now for the Puzzles!

Below you'll find some information about us as a business which will help you to understand what makes us tick, and hopefully, you'll be able to use that to find the hidden pass-phrase! Once you've used the first piece of information below, move onto the next one. Start with 1, Good luck!

1. We love hidden messages like invisible ink!

2. If we make breakfast, we like to have our eggs scrambled!

3. Text doesn't have to be horizontal, in fact, it's more fun when it isn't!

 Wow! Invisible ink on a website! Crazy!

 There's something strange about our Etma Gdlubiin page...

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