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We're Hiring!

ESCAPE ROOM - Game Master 

Doomsday Games – Colchester, Essex
£8.50+ p/h - Part-time Zero Hour Contract

We are looking for part-time ESCAPE ROOM Games Masters for our site in Colchester, next door to Rollerworld.

The role will consist of looking after our potential escapees from the minute they enter until the minute they depart. It is a varied role with a number of responsibilities

  • Must be aged 18 or over with truckloads of energy

  • A real, warm, friendly welcome including an in-character pregame group briefing.

  • Cover all health and safety aspects and setting the scene for their escape.

  • Managing the game to ensure that the escapees gain maximum enjoyment from the experience.

  • Team debrief, answer questions and most importantly get a team photo.

  • Reset the room ensuring no mistakes.

  • General cleaning and maintenance

  • Deal with phone and email enquiries and interact on social media


The role will entail an unpaid work trial in order to assess suitability to the role.

What are we looking for?

Customer service skills – You need to be a confident individual who is comfortable speaking in front of groups and holding their attention.


Initiative - You don’t need a great knowledge of puzzles and escape rooms, what you do need though is the ability to think on your feet. Things don’t always go to plan and sometimes you need to come up with solutions quickly.


Attention to detail – This will help you track the progress of the games in play accurately. It is particularly important when setting the rooms up for the next game and ensuring there are no mistakes.


Flexibility – We are potentially open from 10am to midnight 7 days a week depending on our escapees’ requests, however this role is predominantly for weekday evenings and weekends.


Computer skills – Nothing too complicated but you need to be comfortable using Excel, the booking system, email and social media.

Is this you?

We've decided to do things a bit differently this time, so click here and see if you're worthy to apply for this role

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